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Ware, Massachusetts UFO Sightings

Ware, Massachusetts, Lights UFO Sighting - Used to live on Eddy Street in Ware MA. My back yard was butted up against the pumping station and softball field. One night my wife yelled for me to ...
09/24-2018 - 1 comment

9 miles away: Monson, Massachusetts, Vessel UFO Sighting - This event was viewed from a Sprinter van going down Main Street by two adults and two kids sometime in the ballpark of 8 p.m. It was poking out just ...

17 miles away: Granby, Massachusetts, Metallic Object UFO Sighting - I was about ten years old when I was with my aunt visiting our other aunt who lives in Granby. All the adults were sitting in the kitchen, so I decide...


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