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Well I admire your courage, telling the world about Naruemonia this way. If they are trying so hard to keep it secret they're probably not too happy about you spilling the beans this way :D :D
I hope to hear more from you about Naruemonia. Please tell us everything you can!
    - comment by TT

Ok, TT! But there isn't that much I can tell… They
    never let us off the base except when they took us to the other base in a plane without windows so we couldn't see much. There were several times I had to enter
the cockpit and then I got a glimpse of the terrain below and most of the time it looked like cold grassy plains, sometimes forest.
Both the bases had cold weather. Summer was cool and winter was very cold. Wish I could say more about Naruemonia but we were kept almost like inmates the whole time...

Wow!!! I'm speechless! Is this real?


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