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Landing UFO Sighting from Redmond, Oregon 1985

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My uncle who lived in Redmond, Oregon always told me of a UFO he saw back in the 1970s. He says he saw a flying vessel that looked like a shoe and it landed in a field behind his house. The UFO stayed on the ground for a short time and then flew up again. My uncle went out to investigate the landing site and he said the ground was ice cold. My uncle has since passed away of old age but I'm keeping his story alive for him.

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I lived in Redmond, Oregon my entire Childhood. I reported seeing a ''set of four'' flying ''lights'' over Smith Rocks, when I was just 10-13 years old. Trust me, this isn't something you'd do under normal circumstances. No one even really knew about UFO back then. My friend Tonya and I both saw them. We reported it to the police. Being raised by strict parents, I am not given to fancy.
I tried finding my own report, but found nothing. I guess they figured we were just stupid kids. I sure hope you continue to believe in your Uncle! .


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