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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Hannibal, Missouri 2012

A nephew of mine lives with his wife and kids in Hannibal, MO. I spent the night at their house while travelling through last year. Their kids are very small and go to bed early and they keep the house very quiet at night and I didn't want to wake the little ones with loud TV shows so I went out in the yard with a six pack and enjoyed the fresh air and cold beer like in the old days. Suddenly I see this light in the night sky that looks like it's growing in size. It kept getting
    bigger and after a while I could make out its shape. It was oval and I could make out individual lights. I called my nephew out to see it and when he saw it he
ran back inside for his camera. By the time he came back out it was moving away again and we didn't manage to get a decent picture. We took some but you can't see anything.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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