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Lights UFO Sighting from Salem, Oregon 2012

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This happened to me on Highway 22 east of Salem. I will not give out my name because this event involved me being guilty of a traffic violation of which I was guilty but do not wish to accept punishment for. I have no moral justification for this but that's how it's going to be. Now here's my story. I was driving towards Salem late at night last year. I was very sleepy and I fell asleep at the wheel and drove my car right into a field by the road. Luckily it was a flat field and
    I wasn't hurt but the car was stuck in the field about 50 feet from the road.
Now if you do something like this you get a big ticket and you might lose your
license for a period of time, insurance goes up, and who knows what else, so I decided to call a friend of mine who has a big truck to come and help me tow the car back out on the road. While waiting for his arrival I spotted a light moving across the sky in a weird erratic pattern. I quickly realized that this was surely a UFO so I got my phone out to try to catch a video of it. At that moment the light stopped moving and stood still and exploded in brightness. I realized it was  
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