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Lights UFO Sighting from Toronto, Ontario October 2013

I feel I should report what I have seen. I live half an hours drive west from the outskirts of Toronto. Last month when I was out in my yard I saw some strange lights in the sky. First I noticed three of them flying slowly across the sky behind each other. Not too remarkable, could have been planes but I kept looking. Then they all stopped at once and stood still. Then three more like them moved in fast from the side and stopped right behind the first three, they were not perfectly
    arranged in a line. Then they all sped up very fast and left all together at once in a row formation. The whole thing took just about 10 seconds or so. Did anyone
else see this? Don't remember the exact date but it was the beginning of October of this year (2013).

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Hey, I saw that too. I live in Waterloo. Where exactly do you live? Three lights in a row and then three more joined in just like you said. I thought they were helicopters at first but the way they moved away was way too fast for that.


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