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Lights UFO Sighting from Bakersfield, California July 2013

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I was having a barbeque with some friends of mine right here in my backyard here in Bakersfield, CA this summer. A friend of mine suddenly said ''hey man that light looks really weird''. We all looked and it was weird. It was like a plane but much faster and then it would stop in no-time and go the other way equally fast. For those of you who are old enough to remember the ancient video game ''Pong'', well that's what it looked like up in the sky. We all tried to catch video of it
    on our phones but nothing came out decent, phone cameras are just not up to it. I brought out my old camcorder that I hadn't used in years but it wouldn't come
on since the battery hadn't been charged since like 2008 or so. So we just kept watching the light as it was bouncing back and forth across the sky. After a few minutes at one of its bounces instead of bouncing back sideways it bounced straight up into the sky and didn't come back. We turned on the news thinking maybe other people had seen it and reported it but nothing. You wouldn't have noticed it unless you were looking up.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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