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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Uinta Mountains, Utah June 2002

I was on a camping trip in the Uinta Mountains with my lady back in the summer of 2002. We were camped in a primitive campground and we were very lucky to have it all to ourselves. It was a weekday and I'm sure there would have been more people in such a beautiful spot on a weekend. We were having a great time in the afternoon with a campfire and enjoying mother nature when I noticed a strange object in the sky that looked just like a giant cigar. I told my dear lady to check it out and
    she did. That's a UFO she said. It moved like an airplane but it was close enough to see that it didn't have wings, just a fuselage. Then there were three more
just like it a bit behind the first one. They all moved calmly across the sky just like airplanes would do. But like I said we could clearly see that they weren't airplanes.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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