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Landing UFO Sighting from Houston, Texas June 1970

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Driving on 521 south of Houston in 1970 I saw a UFO land in a field next to the road. That spot has some kind of big flat building on it now and there's a new church across the road from it where there used to be forest back then. Even though it has been 43 years now I remember it as if it were today. I was driving down the road in the late evening and I saw a big oval thing about 50 feet long slowly descending down into the field just about 50 yards from the road. Me being a dumb
    kid (I was 19) pulled over to look. I don't know if they saw that I had stopped or what but as soon as it touched the ground it took off straight up very fast.
Not slow like when it was landing. I was hoping to see some aliens come out of that thing but this was a good sighting too.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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It was either 1970 or 71. I was lying on my back and staring up at the stars. It was a beautiful clear night. One star look to be further away than the other stars started to move. It moved from left to right in a straight line at incredible speed.
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