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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Nashville, Tennessee June 1993

I lived in Nashville in the early 90s and I remember one summer night in 1993 when I was out in the yard just enjoying a pleasant summer evening when I saw a bunch of lights in the sky. Just random looking lights all moving together across the sky. I wear glasses to drive and watch movies but I wasn't wearing them at the moment. I got my glasses out and put them on and then I saw that these lights were all part of a single structure. Like a very large object with a bunch
    of lights on it, that's why they were all moving together. I couldn't make out much of a shape because the lights were overpowering any other visual inputs. Suddenly
the object stopped and just stood still for a moment. Then it shot straight up into the sky at very high speed. That was the last I saw of it. It was late night on a weekday and I asked around later if anyone else had seen it but no one had. If someone out there saw this please reply here. There was something over the skies of Nashville that night.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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