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Row Of Lights UFO Sighting from Sterling, Colorado 1999

In 1999 I was driving south on 61 about 20 miles out of Sterling, CO. I saw a string of lights flying across the sky that I thought were airplanes doing some kind of practice maneuvers. They turned around very neatly and orderly as I was watching them. Then on one of their turns they headed straight into the ground and didn't turn back up. They just went into the ground it seemed like. I could see the ground behind where they went down and they hadn't turned anywhere. If they
    would have crashed there would have been explosions or smoke or dust but there was none of that. It's like they went into the ground.

- Posted by Anonymous

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Now that's really odd. I've seen things with other people around. This one tops all my sightings. But I believe it, anything is possible.


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