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Aliens UFO Sighting from Columbus, Georgia 1996

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This happened in Columbus, GA back in 1996. I lived in a trailer park just off of Victory Drive. I was walking home from being at one of my friends and it was around 3.00 am. I heard this loud sound a sound that I have never in my life heard heard before. It was like a loud fanfare and it really scared me because I had never heard anything like that before. So I keep walking and then I heard something a noise that came from the trailers on the left.

I looked and I saw this
    thing that looked like a man but he was really white and dressed in white, and bald, no hair. And he was holding both his arms straight out so his body looked like
a cross would be shaped and he had his head down. I keep walking down the street and there was another one on the other side of the trailer standing the same way doing nothing but standing there..

There was one on each side of the trailers, I counted at least 7. I heard the loud noise again. And I began to run very fast and I never looked back but I could hear them running after me. So I screamed and ran until I got to my trailer. And when I got home I told my roommates and
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