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Landing UFO Sighting from Georgetown, South Carolina 2005

I was a few miles north of Georgetown, South Carolina on Browns Ferry Road back in 2005 when suddenly I saw a light descending down to the road ahead of me. It was in the evening about 9 or 10 so it was pretty dark except for that bright light coming down on the roadway. I thought it must be a helicopter landing there for some reason, perhaps an emergency. I slowed down so I would be able to stop if I would need to. When I got closer to it I saw that it was a UFO and not a helicopter.
    It was as wide across as the road itself and shaped like a fat disc. When I got closer to it it ascended up into the sky again. I was beyond words. I told people
about this but no one believed me, not even my wife or my parents. They all think I'm crazy. Well they can think what they want, I saw a UFO that night and that's the truth.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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