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Lights UFO Sighting from Aberdeen, South Dakota September 20 2013

I would like to report a UFO sighting from Aberdeen, SD. I saw this UFO there on September 20th 2013 at around 10:30. I was outside and I looked up into the sky and saw a set of 5 lights traveling across the sky together below the clouds but still high. Suddenly they all stopped and just hovered in place. They did that for about 5 seconds and then the lights all disappeared like they were turned off. I was on the southern edge of town and it was to the south. Don't know if anyone
    else saw this but if you were there at that time and you were looking south chances are you saw it too. Please reply to this if you did. Thanks.

- Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

I saw the same thing around that date. Also on the 4th of July. Exactly how you described.
    - comment by Aberdeen Anon


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