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Lights UFO Sighting from Dover, Delaware 2013

My UFO sighting happened several months ago but I just found this site. I was out in the yard at night looking at the stars and I saw a star that started moving from having been still. I watched it as it moved. It went straight for a bit and then it stopped and made a 90 degree turn. Then it stopped for a while again. I kept watching it for a while and stayed in place for a good 5 minutes or more but I didn't quit, I kept watching. After another 5 minutes or so it started moving
    again and this time it just kept going until it was beyond the horizon.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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According to the national UFO reporting center state report index for Delaware there have been four reported UFO sightings in the state in 2019 including a fireball seen over New Castle in mid-june a report of three rectangular crafts seen over Millsboro in February and a triangular object seen near Dover Air Force base in January.
    - comment by Likelyyou. Com


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