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Disc UFO Sighting from Salt Lake City, Utah January 07 2014

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Half an hour ago at roughly 4 am I saw a UFO here in Salt Lake. I woke up because there was a bright light in my eyes. It was coming from outside the window. I like to sleep with the blinds open so I can wake up easier in the morning. I looked out and saw a bright light shining down from the sky. It looked like you were looking straight into a spotlight. There was no sound so it couldn't be a helicopter I thought. A moment later the spotlight moved away from my window and towards
    the neighbor's house and at that time I could see where the light was coming from. Well there's no better way to put it; it was a flying saucer. I couldn't believe
my eyes. It was shining into my neighbor's window now. About a minute later the spotlight turned off and the UFO flew away. I went online to see if there were any news about UFOs in Salt Lake and found this site. I don't want to give out my exact address because I don't want to cause my neighbors any distress but I live near the University of Utah.
To be honest if I heard someone else tell me this I wouldn't believe it but I saw it myself. I'm hoping others saw it too.

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