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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Salt Lake City, Utah January 10 2014

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Did anyone besides me see that object in the sky last night at about 11:15pm. It was a round object, slightly bright but not at all like a star or meteor, it was dimmer than the moon but bright enough that you could make it out. It was definitely not on fire or anything like that. It shot across the sky very fast. Faster than a supersonic jet but slower than a shooting star. I could make out that it was round in shape but it was too fast to make out any detail. The whole thing took
    maybe 5 seconds and was not very easy to see unless you happened to be looking at the sky at that exact moment. Of all the people in Salt Lake I can't believe I
was the only one who saw this. If you were out last night around 11:15 and you were looking at the sky for whatever reason you must have seen it too, and maybe you got a better look than I did or maybe even a picture or video. Please reply to this post if you saw this.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I saw something fly by in the sky about that time. I couldn't really get a good enough look to see much of it but it might have been the same thing you saw. Sorry I can't provide more details on this UFO but at least it confirms that there was something.
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