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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Salt Lake City, Utah January 13 2014

Yes I would like to report a UFO that I saw last night here in Salt Lake City. I will try to be as specific as I can. The time was 11:43, I checked the time after the sighting and then I double-checked my watch to make sure it had the right time. The object I saw was cigar shaped and hovered in place. It was roughly 30 degrees up and I stretched my arm out and sized the object between my pointer and thumb and that was about an inch so if anyone can do the math on that... When
    I noticed it it was stationary in the sky and after about 3 or 4 seconds it accelerated fast and flew away.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

The measurement you took with your finger and your thumb is excellent. That's what you need to do when you see a UFO. One more thing though; if we have the exact location where you were when you saw this would be great. That was if we have another sighting of the same UFO with another measurement like yours we can calculate its size based on the data from the two sightings combined. If we have even more sightings of that UFO we can calculate it even closer. The more sightings of a specific UFO the better so keep 'em comin'.

I just saw a UFO this morning too. Maybe the same UFO came back?


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