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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Des Moines, Iowa January 15 2014

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2:33 am Jan 15th. Just witnessed a UFO outside my house. I couldn't sleep so I went outside to get some fresh cold air and I saw a light moving downwards. I kept looking at it and at one point it stopped and just sat there. I kept looking and it was growing it seemed but I soon realized it was coming closer and that's why it appeared to be growing. At a certain point I could make out its shape and it appeared to be a narrow oval shape or maybe more like a lens. Be the time it
    had gotten big enough for me to make out the shape it turned and went eastward and kept going until I couldn't see it any more. This all just happened right now
and I hope others saw it too.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Always carry you cell phone, they all have cameras now.

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