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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Logan, Utah 2008

5 or 6 years ago I saw a set of UFOs here in Logan, UT. I had just gotten home from work. It was still broad daylight and I noticed something passing through the sky very fast, almost like lightning. What the hell was that I thought. And then there was another one just like it. It flew by so fast it could not have been any kind of plane or even a rocket. It was just too damn fast. A few seconds later there was another one. And then another... All in all I counted 9 of them. They
    were about the size of a commercial airliner when you see one at cruising altitude and you look up and they seemed to be round, but like I said they were so incredibly
fast I couldn't tell for sure.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I would say if they were flying that fast and in a spaced apart group that way they were probably just passing through. Which of course is amazing enough.


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