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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Peoria, Illinois January 18 2014

It's not everyday I see a UFO. In fact yesterday was the first time ever and I'm 51. I was arriving home last night and I was clearing some stuff from my driveway when I noticed this bright light in the sky above my house. I was looking at it curiously and the light was growing. It kept growing until I could make out that it was a triangle shape. After a while it stopped growing and was stationary for a while. Then it flew away towards the north at a really high speed, like a bullet.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

Well I'm glad you finally got to see a UFO after 51 years. Hope you get to see another one.

I may have seen the same thing as you. Were you near Farmington?
    - comment by Jon W


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