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Disc UFO Sighting from New Holland, Pennsylvania January 19 2014

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Absolutely the strangest thing I have ever witnessed happened to me just last night. I was looking out the window and noticed an object hovering above the end of my backyard about 30 feet up in the air. It was shaped like a disc. I thought it was one of those new remote controlled helicopter toys kids play with these days but huge so I looked at it curiously. I though it was weird that kids would be playing with stuff like that this late but oh well...
Then suddenly this
    thing gathered a huge amount of speed and flew right towards the house and flew over it clearing the roof by a narrow margin. I ran across to the other side of
the house and saw it fly away gaining altitude fast. It was gone within seconds. There is no way that thing was a toy. It was about as big as a very small car and shaped like a plain m&m.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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A small vessel like that would suggest a small surveillance vehicle. Maybe they're watching you. Keep an eye out for strange things and ask your neighbors if they have seen anything.
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