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Disc UFO Sighting from Huntsville, Texas January 22 2014

This morning I saw a disc shaped vessel pass through the air where I live. It was flying very low and close to the ground and fast like a rocket. I don't want to give out my exact location but I live near Huntsville, Texas. Anyone else see this?

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I know you must live close to Bedias! I see objects that defies our knowledge of aviation capabilities every night . Up to 6 or more at once. I asked my grandfather when I was 14 about the metallic spheres of light and if he ever saw them before.
    Granddad 97 at the time and lived in this area his whole life shrugged it off and said s*** boy we saw them all the time? We called them jackolanterns. They have been here a very long time.
    - comment by Mikefox196 @yahoo. com fix

Anywhere near highway 75 north or highway 30?
    - comment by Alias


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