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Aliens UFO Sighting from Houston, Texas 1967

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I saw a UFO in my youth once. In 1967 to be exact. I was driving from Houston to College Station in the middle of the night. About halfway there I saw lights by the road. I slowed down so I would be able to stop and help in case someone with a broken car needed a ride to the next town.
When I got close enough I saw that the light looked nothing like car lights, more like something from an amusement park ride. And it was definitely not a car by the road. It actually looked
    like an amusement park ride, but of course I knew right there and then that it was an alien spaceship.
There was a lot of talk about UFOs in the news back in
those days so I was actually not too surprised about it, but I must admit I was quite scared. I decided not to stop just in case but I slowed down enough to take a good look and then drove by. When I was about an eight of a mile up the road I figured it might be safe to pull over and observe this thing so I did.
I was watching the UFO with the key in the ignition and my hands on the key just in case... I could see ''people'' moving around in front of the UFO as they blocked out
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