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Round Object UFO Sighting from Newberry, South Carolina 2013

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This past summer I was painting a country house outside Newberry, SC (I am a painter). It was a two day job and I live about two hours away so I spent the night in the back of my truck shell so I wouldn't have to drive back and forth so much.
During the night I awoke to the whole truck shaking violently. I looked out and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I got out to check what was going on and didn't notice anything strange until I looked up and saw a UFO hovering right over
    the truck. It was about 50 feet up in the air and about twice as big around as my truck was long. It was round and plain white. It didn't have any flashing lights
or anything like in the movies it was just a plain white giant Frisbee.
I just though OK, they may or may not abduct me but if they do they will return me unharmed so there's no need to panic, just surrender and do what they want and it will be over soon.
I stood there and waited for what would happen next. After about a minute of waiting the UFO suddenly gathered speed and flew away. I couldn't sleep a wink all night after that.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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