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Landing UFO Sighting from Dallas, Texas 1994

I saw a UFO about 20 years ago here in my home. I live a little bit south of Dallas and my community is a bit on the small side so I don't want to scare any of my neighbors by giving away my exact location.
It all started one night. My dog who I always kept out in the yard in his dog house at night was howling and scratching on the door hysterically. I right away realized that something must have spooked him real bad so I grabbed my gun from my bedside drawer and went to
    let him in.
I let the dog in and peeked outside to see what it was that had scared him so bad.
Didn't see anything but I figured I'd better check the perimeters
just in case.
I went out in the yard and when I got to the back of the house I saw a weird triangular object about the size of a full-size car take off from the backyard straight up.
I have no clue what happened before that thing took off but I have never seen my dog or any other dog that scared before or after. I can only speculate but I'm assuming that was a UFO from space.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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