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Water UFO Sighting from Virginia Beach, Virginia 2011

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While on a boat ride with my wife a few years back out of Virginia Beach something strange happened to us that I think might have been a UFO. We were just floating around a couple of miles off the coast just enjoying the nice day soaking up some rays when my wife says there's something under the water.
I look and there are big bubbles bubbling up from below about 100 feet from the boat. I though it was a whale or something like that coming up so I told my wife let's keep an eye
    on it and make sure this whale or whatever doesn't come up right into our boat. The bubbles were in the same place but getting bigger by the second.
After about
5 or 6 seconds this big round ball emerged out of the water and just rose up and ascended right up into the sky. This ball was about 20 feet across and was grey in color, looked like a dark dull metal color. It ascended up into the sky about as fast as a helicopter would go up so not very fast at all. We kept looking at it for at least a minute before it was out of sight.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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