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Landing UFO Sighting from Wichita, Kansas 1993

Driving on 42 a bit outside of Wichita back in '93 late one night I saw this light coming down by the road a bit ahead of me. I believed it to be a helicopter and paid it little attention. When I got to the place where I had seen the light come down I saw that it was a dome shaped thing sitting in the field by the road.
This aroused my curiosity and I pulled over. I got out of the car and as soon as I was out of the car there was this strange high pitched pulsating sound so loud that
    it was painful and I had to cover my ears and even then it was unbearable.
Then this dome shaped thing ascended from the field and flew away. It was only then
that I realized that this was something extra terrestrial.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

That's pretty close to where I had witnessed strange lights and sound also. I was driving down south 119th St. W just south of 42 when I heard this very strange sound. I had my window down so I could get some fresh air while driving.
It was a screeching sound really scary. There were no other cars around because it was very late at night. I slowed my car down to almost stopping and looked around. I didn't see anything only a very orange bright light in the field and I heard that sound.


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