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Round Object UFO Sighting from Fort Worth, Texas December 26 2013

I am from Wisconsin, but my family was visiting my grandparents down in Texas. My aunt had decided to meet us at my grandparents' house and spend the night. Later the next day, my mother, sister, aunt, and I were on our way to the airport to drop my aunt off when I saw it.
In fact, I was the only person in the car that saw the UFO. I didn't have a camera right then, otherwise I would have either taken a picture, video, or both. Anyway, it looked like two half circles that
    were placed together with a small ring around the middle.
It was a darker grey color, and it was just close enough to see clearly. It flew in a straight line,
and as fast as an airplane. It didn't leave a line in the sky like airplanes do either. The UFO was in the sky for about 7 seconds, then hit a cloud.
The cloud wasn't thick, so I figured I would still be able to see it. When I couldn't see it I waited for it to appear at the other end of the cloud, but to my surprise, saw nothing but clear blue sky.
That was the fist time I had ever truly seen something that I am convinced was NOT an airplane, and in the clear day light. I have not seen anything like it since, but am sure I will in the future.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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