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V Shape UFO Sighting from Molalla, Oregon December 23 2011

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My husband and I were driving from Canby to Molalla on a cold clear evening. We were in the country, mostly farms around and I could see a bright light low in the sky several miles ahead but thought it might be part of a Christmas display. As we got closer we came out of a wooded section where the road had some curves and it opened up at the top of a hill so we had a clear view of sky.
There were two objects floating in the sky. There were several very bright white lights
    on each. We saw them all the way to the bottom of the hill. We turned toward Molalla which was about five miles off and my husband told me that one was following
us and it looked V shaped from his angle. I couldn't see as I was driving. It followed us until we were within sight of town then it flew over us and we lost sight of it.
I learned later that my husband also saw two other objects in the distance to the west that had reddish lights. The big objects with all the bright white lights was hovering about a quarter mile from a tiny placed called Yoder. They were really lit up. It wasn't like it was trying to not be noticed.
Happened 12/23 2011

    - Posted by Anonymous

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