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Orb UFO Sighting from Roanoke, Virginia 2014

I was headed east on Stewartsville Road last night when I saw a light by the side of the road. As I drove past it I saw that this was no ordinary light at all.
It was like a ball that was pulsating. It was about the size of a beach ball and seemed to be hovering in the air.
I got so curious that I made a u-turn to check it out in more detail. When I got back to it it was higher up in the air and was ascending.
I kept looking at it. It stopped when it was about 50 feet up in
    the air and then it sat still in the air for a few seconds.
After that it shot straight up so fast I lost track of it within a second.
I don't know what that
thing was but maybe it was a UFO?

    - Posted by Anonymous


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