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High Altitude UFO Sighting from Airplane September 20 2014

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I am a flight attendant with a major airline and I and the pilots witnessed a UFO on a flight from New York to San Francisco on September 20th of this year.
I just happened to be in the cockpit when the sighting occurred and the pilots told me not to tell anyone what we had seen. The strangest thing is that they didn't seem very surprised by the sighting at all.
Well anyway, they told me to not tell anyone but I just feel that's wrong. People have a right to know. I won't give
    out my name or airline because I don't want to get fired.
What we saw was a diamond shaped object that flew in front of us for about half a minute. I noticed
the pilots became nervous when they saw it but not surprised or shocked. They seemed to know what to do and how to handle the situation which makes me think this was not the first time they saw a thing like that.
After half a minute the diamond shaped object pulled away from us and was soon out of sight.
What is going on here? Can someone fill us in.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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