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Disc UFO Sighting from Lamesa, Texas 2014

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I have seen UFO's here many times some in the day mostly at night and very close up. First time I saw it was at a trailer park, Derrington Trailer Park at that time right by Britt Trucking. Me and 3 friends were standing in front of my pick up talking at about 9:30 pm in August 1987 out of the corner of my eye I saw some thing at first I thought it was just a big sack rising off the ground as it came closer I'd say say couple hundred feet I pointed, and look there a f*****ing flying
Me and my friends watched it and it turned on it's side exposing the under belly the craft appeared beige color..
With bubbles on the bottom of it
moving about 5 miles an hour very slow close us and never made a sound at all about as high as a telephone pole moving towards the downtown area to the west of us was an electrical storm. I remember that to that evening..
For the next couple of weeks me and my fried at this trailer Park observed this flying saucer about every other evening once coming across the highway between his trailer, and his moms trailer about 50 feet from us. Very slow the trailers were lit up very good
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