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High Altitude UFO Sighting from Airplane 2014

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I saw someone had submitted a sighting from a cockpit so I thought I submit my own sighting. I am a pilot and I still have about 20 years before I retire so I will remain anonymous.
My copilot and I witnessed a UFO on a trans-Atlantic flight a few years back. We were 4 hours into our eastbound flight when we noticed a light ahead of us that looked like an aircraft.
Our instruments showed nothing and according to flight control there was nothing ahead of us. The aircraft
    was travelling slower than us so we altered our course slightly to avoid any risk of collision.
As we got closer to it we could see it was a disc shaped object.
A classic UFO shape. We passed it without incident and we agreed never to report this officially.
For me this was my first UFO sighting but my copilot confessed to me that he had had a similar sighting about 10 years ago on a domestic flight.
There are UFOs out there. I wish we could speak freely about what we see. If I report this I will lose my job and they will never let me fly another plane.

    - Posted by Anonymous
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