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Lights UFO Sighting from Valley Center, California

I live on the Rincon Indian Res. Down the grade from Valley Center, CA. Every night I star gaze since I was little. The stars I'm viewing today are strangely arranged. Lots of triangles almost symmetric.
One in particular shaped sector but the star at the top has a shadow star that is directly inward across from it they move back and forth up and down simultaneously. I have studied these 4 lights for weeks always directly above my house very high but when I go outside and
    look up the two front lights (like eyes) start dancing around and then slowly come towards me. I can almost touch them.
But when they move downward the two back
lights move up as if they are connected. If someone walks outside my house they very quickly go back up high. If I walk to the casino at night they follow me. It's eerie.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Do they still stay over your house today in November??


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