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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Columbia, California September 15 2014

One night we were in our bedroom watching TV around midnight and I heard a hovering sound above our trailer home and muted the television. We heard something walking on our trailer roof; it was scary because it couldn't have been and animal.
It walked to the front of our home and then we just heard someone walking from our living room down the hall towards our bedroom. We were getting so frightened by how close it was getting to our bedroom; then we heard it in our restroom
    like if someone was really in there.
Oh my gosh I fell to the floor hiding next to our bed and my boyfriend got so scared he got up real quick and opened our
bedroom door to check who it was. He doesn't get scared easily but this scared him like crazy.
Then we ran outside to check and nothing was around. So frightening, but interesting.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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