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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Coventry, Rhode Island November 16 2014

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I saw 2 orange balls of fire in the sky on Sunday night. This is November 16th, 2014. Here in Central Coventry. I was out walking my dogs when I saw what looked like a plane taking off from Green Airport. But the only thing was, it stopped moving and turned bright orange.

I thought a plane was on fire. Then I saw another bright orange ball to the southwest of the first one. Then something weird happened, a meteor dropped out of the sky and into the woods in front of me.
    Totally weird!!! I have the proof... I took a picture and something showed up in my picture.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Loads of things happens in Coventry. its a major export shipping location and housing center for super soldiers. look into the M.A.L.D.A projects. and the T.R.3.B. i have seen 4 of them in Coventry in the past 10 years. This town is messed up.
    - comment by michael


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