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Metallic Object UFO Sighting from Beaumont, Texas 1974

In 1974 in Beaumont, Texas I saw an object floating above a tree where I had been kicking a ball against a tree. I was lining up the ball to kick it when it slowly moved toward the street. I also noticed the leaves on the ground where pushing out and away from the perimeter of the tree. I glanced up and saw a round dull silver shaped object sitting directly above the tree that I was kicking the ball at.
I could see the mirrored image of the tree on the dull metal, but
    I could see it surprisingly well. There was a circular area in the middle of the bottom of the object with 2 irregular shapes that were changing colors from blue,
orange, and purple.
There was also what looked to be a window between the circle shape at the bottom and the edge of the outside of the object. I stepped back to see if I could get a better look, and as I did so the object also moved in the same direction as me taking a step back.
At this point I began to get really frightened. I stopped moving and stood as still as I could. I don't know for how long this pause was but somewhat brief before the object shot straight upward so fast that I remember it seeming like as if it was quarter size. Then dime size, then gone in under a second or two.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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