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Disc UFO Sighting from Redwood City, California December 06 2014

We were on an outreach in a van all together. A coworker of mine and I noticed something hovering off the ground which was in no way a plane nor a blimp. It was supposedly silver all over but I think it was more like a color that would mirror the sky to conceal itself.
I was the one who saw it first as a flash of light seemed to move towards our direction and stopped in midair as if it was floating. I first thought it was a plane but I stared for a longer time comparing
    it to everything else around it and realized that it was actually really huge for an aircraft and too flat to be a blimp.
It almost seemed to be a flat sphere
that was also a little triangular at the top as if it had a fin. It was as if it knew that many people noticed it was there so it was trying to take the shape of an aircraft.

I stared at it and asked my coworker what it was. He also thought it was peculiar to hover like that in one spot for such a long time. Our vehicle was moving forward and it just stayed hovering in the air as we completely passed it by.
It was on December 6 between 7 to 8 am. I was so astonished and so was my coworker who seemed to notice that it was a UFO as well.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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