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Landing UFO Sighting from Springfield, Illinois 1957

In 1957 I was 10 years old and I lived with my parents in the country a short drive from Springfield. One night we all awoke to a loud hissing noise coming from a field by our house. We all ran out and saw a saucer shaped thing rising up from the field and take off at very high speed.
My dad called the police but they just blew him off. The next day a car pulled up with three serious looking guys in it. We though maybe the police had sent these guys to check it out.
    dad took the three men to the site and I saw them collecting some samples and talking to my dad for a while. After they left my dad came over to me and my mom and
told us we must never talk about what had happened no matter what. I tried to ask my dad about it 30 years later but he wouldn't say a word and he got angry at me for asking.
I never told anyone and my dad passed away years ago. I wish I knew exactly who those men were and what they told my dad.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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