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Aliens UFO Sighting from Danbury, Connecticut 2015

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I live off of Ball Pond Road a bit outside Danbury, CT. The other night I witnessed what I am absolutely certain were extra terrestrial beings from another world right in my back yard.
I was up late and was preparing to go to bed when I saw movement in the back yard. I thought it was some animal since my house is surrounded by forest. I got a flashlight to take a look out of curiosity.
I quietly went out in the back yard to search for the animal. There are no dangerous
    animals here so I wasn't worried about getting attacked. I thought it was probably a deer or something.
I shined my light into the trees and spotted what I thought
was the animal. This was no animal! It was a small humanoid creature about the size of a five year old human but it didn't look human. It had a big head and very big eyes. I was frozen in fear. The creature looked at me and turned and ran into the woods.
I was so scared I couldn't even bring myself to go back inside, I just stood there. After a few minutes there was a bright light shooting up like a rocket into the sky. I'm guessing that was his ride or it may have been something
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