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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Alpharetta, Georgia 1994

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Back in the summer of 1994 I saw a very strange thing in the sky here in Alpharetta. It was a bright illuminated object about the size of the moon that was sometimes stationary and sometimes moving rapidly back and forth. I saw it for about half a minute at which point it suddenly disappeared without a trace.
I have tried to find information about this, maybe there were other witnesses but it's been over 20 years now and I still haven't found any other information about
    this sighting. If you saw this in the summer of 1994 please leave a comment here and tell me and the other readers what you saw.

    - Posted
by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

It was 1994 in Alpharetta GA .. I was a teenager then.. I remember summers were almost over... Me and my cousins and me were sitting on top of our cars in the driveway between 11 pm - 12:30 am ...
Suddenly there was light from up above that was so bright ( blue ) it seemed like it was day time... was there for a few seconds.. And before any of us could look up. It was gone and dark again. To this day I wonder what it was?
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