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Abduction UFO Sighting from Metairie, Louisiana 1981

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In my early 20s I was being abducted by aliens on a regular basis. Based on what I can conclude it happened at least 10 times between 1981 and 1984. I only remember one of the episodes myself the other ones I know about because of information from my family. Let me explain a bit more in detail.
The episode I remember was that I awoke at night and I was not in my bed. I was in a big room with lots of bright lights and there were strange creatures doing strange medical procedures
    on me. That's really all I remember of that episode but when I woke up the next morning I had a fever and my sister noticed needle marks on my legs like as if I
had gotten flu-shots or something. The fever lasted a few hours.
There were nine other instances that I woke up with a fever and needle marks and at one of the occasions a neighbor had seen a bright object rising up from the neighborhood. My neighbor reported that UFO sighting but I never told him about my experiences but I know they were connected. After 1984 there were no more episodes.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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