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Aliens UFO Sighting from Bariloche, Argentina 1945

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My grandfather immigrated to Argentina from Germany in 1945 and settled in Bariloche. He always told me that in the years following his settlement there was a lot of UFO activity in the mountains surrounding Bariloche. There were rumors that these were secret aircraft smuggled out of Germany after the war but based on my grandfather's description these were absolutely not man-made objects.
He said there would be huge bright objects shooting straight up from the mountains
    and then stop suddenly about one thousand meters over the mountaintops. Then they would split into several smaller bright objects and all shoot off in different
directions and disappear.
Even today we don't have any technology that can do this, let alone in the 1940s.
These were the things that my grandfather saw but he also told me of other accounts that he had heard from other people who had been up in the mountains and witnessed actual alien looking creatures interacting with humans, like they were having conversations.
Whoever came out with an eyewitness account of alien beings was quickly labeled and idiot so there were probably
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