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Water UFO Sighting from Racine, Wisconsin 2010

In May of 2010 I was boating with a friend in Lake Michigan a bit north of Racine. We were about a couple of miles off shore, we could see the shore clearly I remember but it was far away. Well my friend noticed an odd looking thing a bit further north, about a quarter mile away I'd say. It was like a giant white ball floating in the water. We sped up and steered towards it.
When we were about halfway to the giant ball it rose out of the water and hovered in the air a bit
    above the water. Then it sped right towards us. That is the last thing either one of us remember. Next thing we know we are in the boat shivering cold; it felt
like we had been deep frozen even though it was a warm day.
We couldn't see the shore any more and when we checked the GPS we were 7 miles off shore, 5 miles further out from before. We steered back to Racine and we kept a lookout the whole time for the giant ball; we decided that if we see it we'll go as fast as possible in the opposite direction.
I don't know what that giant ball was but I'd be surprised if that was not some type of UFO.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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