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Disc UFO Sighting from Stamford, Connecticut 2015

When I was 15 years old back in 1970 I had the scariest experience of my life. I was walking our dog very late one night when I saw that the street was illuminated as if there was a streetlight, but there was no streetlight. I looked up and nearly fell over from fear. There was a large disc shaped object with a light beaming down form the bottom center hovering about 50 feet over the street.
I was so scared I damn near lost control of my bodily functions. I couldn't decide whether
    to run or hide. I decided hiding was a better option and took cover behind a large tree.
My dog took off running for home and I let him. I hid behind the tree
for about a minute when I saw the light was moving away. I stuck my head out and could see the object moving away. Then I took off running home as well. I never told anyone because I was afraid they'd think I was crazy.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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