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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Stone Mountain, Georgia July 2014

This past summer I went up on Stone Mountain with a few friends in the middle of the night. About halfway up we were all blinded by a bright light. That's all any one of us can remember. The next thing we know we're waking up two hours later on the ground. None of us had any recollection of what had happened.
We were all completely sober and there were five of us, we all had the same thing happen and we all experienced the same thing. We decided to cut our little adventure short
    and head back down.
When we got to our car there was a guy in the parking lot who noticed we had been out on a night time hike. He asked us if we had seen that
bright light shooting up from the mountain...
This was the freakiest thing that had ever happened to any one of us.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Ah.... I had a few UFO in counters in my life. If it was the Greys the they probably put a chip inside you and those things have bin out to get humans ever since the Greada Treaty with the Grays and us. Look it up. ):.


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