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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Delta, Utah 2013

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On Highway 125 about 5 miles east of Delta, Utah is where I met the aliens. This happened in September of 2013. I was driving eastbound towards Oak City late at night when my car suddenly stopped. Almost new, good car, shouldn't stop like that. It just died without any reason.
I got out to check the engine but couldn't find anything wrong. When I tried to use my phone to call my wife it turned out my phone was dead too. Then from behind me there was a bright flash of light.
    turned around and saw nothing but bright light. Then suddenly I'm on the ground looking up and I see round object flying away into the night sky. I got up on my
feet and decided to run all the way back to Delta. I figured I'd try the car one more time just in case. And lo and behold it started up just fine. So I drove out of there. As I was driving I tried my phone too and it came on just fine but the time was off; it showed about three hours too much.
I figured it must be some error on account of it going out the way it did but later it turned out that the time on my phone was right and that three ours had passed. I'm assuming that time
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