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Disc UFO Sighting from Melbourne, Florida 1996

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In 1996 I went for a boat ride with a couple of buddies out of Melbourne, Florida. We went out far enough so we couldn't see the coast and then some. One of my buddies noticed a bright light on the water surface a bit further out. We decided to check it out so we steered the boat towards it.
When we got a bit closer the light started rising up and it was now visible that it was in fact a large brightly illuminated disc shaped object. We were still to far to tell how big it
    was but we all know that this was a UFO at this point. We all wanted to turn back except one of my buddies so we ended up having an argument about whether to proceed
or not.
While we were arguing the object rose higher and higher and started to move away from us at the same time much faster that our boat could go so we all stopped arguing since we wouldn't be able to go to it anyway.
Within a minute it was too far away to see. From what we all saw of it it was absolutely clear that this was a UFO from space and not something man made.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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