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Disc UFO Sighting from AtlanticOcean 1997

I used to work on a freightship and I once saw a UFO in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about halfway to Europe. It was in 1997. I was up on deck smoking cigarettes and looking at the stars before going to sleep for the night. That's when I saw a light in the sky that I first thought was a star but it kept growing in size.
First I thougt it was an airplane headed towards us but it was coming much faster that an airplane. It came really close to us and as it passed over
    the ship I could see that it was a large disc, about as big as a plane but disc shaped. It went so fast taht I really couldn't see any detail. It made absolutely
no sound except for the wind it created as it cut through the air.
I kept my mouth shut about it since people get fired if they go crazy on the high seas and I didn't want that to happen to me.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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